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토크, 사진전 &미니공연: "예술을 통한 세계시민의식 함양"

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[토크, 사진전 & 미니공연] "예술을 통한 세계시민의식 함양" : 세계시민으로서의 의식과 감수성을 길러주고 다름을 연결해주는 예술에 대하여

연사 피에르 풀랭- 이스라엘 철학자 & 사진작가 양혜경(양양) – 배우, 봉산탈춤 이수자

일시: 2018.07.01 (일요일) 16:00-18:00 장소: 월드컬처오픈 코리아 (@토킹스푼) 서울시 중구 서소문로 89-31 N빌딩 1층

참가비 무료 / 반드시 사전신청 해주세요. 문의: 02 6958 8868

*본 행사는 한국어와 영어로 동시 진행됩니다. **참가자분들께 드리는 선물! - 참가하시는 모든 분들께 세계시민 여권을 드립니다 :)


[Talks, Photo Exhibition & Performance] "Cultivating a Global Mindset through Arts" : Art as a tool to bridge between differences and build a mindset of “I am a Citizen of the World.”

Talks by: Pierre Poulain (Israel) - Philosopher & Photographer Hyekyung Yang (Korea) - Performer

2018.07.01 (Sun) 16:00-18:00 WORLD CULTURE OPEN KOREA (@Café Talking Spoon) N Bldg. Fl 1. Seosomun-Ro 89-31, Jung-Gu, Seoul

Free admission / Please RSVP TEL: 02.6958.8868

*The event will be held in Korean and English.

* About Speakers: PIERRE POULAIN began his adventure with Photography at the age of 20, in 1976, in Paris, where he practiced Street Photography during the day and worked as a taxi driver at night. Ten years later when he moved to Israel out of spirit of idealism, he founded a local branch of the school of practical philosophy called New Acropolis ( Poulain never stopped taking photos as a devoted amateur for all those years even when he was pursuing his new-found passion for philosophy. Poulain now combines his love of philosophy with photography, traveling around the world to give lectures and workshops. "Philosophy for me is what reveals the meaning of life. Art is the way I have chosen to approach this meaning. ”

HYE-KYUNG YANG (YANGYANG) began her career at the Seoul Art College, specializing in traditional theater arts. YangYang has a rich experience in theaters, festivals, international art exchange as well as education for children through art. She also organized a culture and art creation group ‘UI’ in 2017 with a group of artists who work together to connect human lives with arts by exposing them to contemporary art languages based on Asian traditional art and philosophy. In pursuit of her passion for embracing different layers of art and life, YangYang continues to explore arts beyond the limits of genre and style.


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