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Better Together Potluck: "Happiness"

March 2017: Happiness

Come join us for the first ever Better Together Potluck, a free monthly creative party for everyone to share a mid-week connection over food, fun and friendships!

For the month of March, we joyfully usher in the spring season with the theme of HAPPINESS!

Bring something - a dish, a snack, a story, a song, anything! - to express what happiness is.

Be inspired by poetry and try your hand at writing a haiku on happiness.

Be amused and have fun answering random questions on happiness - and bring home a prize!

“HAPPINESS” Potluck Flow *

7.00-8.00PM: Open Table - gobble and chatter

8.00-8.45PM: Open Stage - haiku writing and talent sharing

8.45-9.00PM: Open Games - trivia quiz

*Flow is subject to change for the better :)

An evening of colorful food and conversations, happiness-inspired creativity, and adrenaline-inducing games await you - see you there at the Talking Spoon!


About Better Together Potluck The Better Together Potluck Series is a monthly themed gathering, where potluckers can share a mid-week connection over food, stories and ideas. This event series is an initiative of World Culture Open.

About World Culture Open World Culture Open is a global network of cultural creatives, dedicated to facilitating open platforms for dynamic cultural exchange and creative collaboration in pursuit of global harmony.

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